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Two Assam youths among Navy personnel dead in submarine tragedy

Two youths from Assam were among the 18 sailors who are feared to have been killed in the tragedy that struck India’s key submarine INS Sindhurakshak off Mumbai harbor on Wednesday. The two youths have been identified as Timothy Sinha of Silchar and Nurottam Deori of Lakhimpur.

Though their bodies are yet to be recovered, their family members have left for Mumbai as a pall of gloom descended in their families and neighbourhood. In a message, chief minister Tarun Gogoi condoled the death of the youths. Gogoi has asked chief secretary PP Verma to look after the funeral ceremony and help the families with other related activities. The newly refurbished submarine sank with 18 sailors at a naval dockyard here early Wednesday after a huge explosion engulfed it in flames.

Three officers are believed to be among the 18 men who met a tragic watery grave after a deafening blast tore through INS Sindhurakshak, which was berthed in the naval dockyard off Mumbai Harbour, officials

Three bodies have been recovered so far but could not be identified. DNA tests were being conducted on the mortal remains for identification. The cause of the roaring explosion, heard over a two kilometre radius including large parts of south Mumbai, and the blaze that gutted the deep sea fighter vessel is still not known.
The sailors were reportedly working inside the submarine at the time of the incident and remained trapped till the submarine began sinking and finally went down around dawn.

A huge ball of flame erupted on the horizon of the Mumbai harbour, lasting for nearly three hours, was brought under control around 3 a.m. INS Sindhurakshak was a diesel-electric submarine that returned home last year after a major refit at Russia’s Zvezdochka shipyard. It displaces 2,300 tonnes, carries 52 crew members, and has a top speed of 19 knots (35 km per hour) and diving depth of 300 metres.

It was laid down in one of Russia’s oldest shipyards, the Admiralty Wherf yard in St. Petersburg, in 1995. It was launched in 1997 and delivered to India in December that year.


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Facts of Deori

The Bor Deori is the most respected person in the village

Patorganya – undisclosed missing among Four Groups

Only the people of Dibongiya class can speak their own mother tongue

In 14th century A D. The Deoris were royal priests of The Chutiyas Kingdom

The Deoris are believed to have come to Sadiya before the first century

The Deori people believe in `Kundimama` which is the supreme power.

The Second Marriage in Deori Tribe is called "Suje Luguba"

The Deori Tribe of Assam came to India via Tibet and Burma

Each village of Deori people features a place of worship called ‘Deo-ghar'

The Deoris are divided into 24 clans.

The Deoris proudly introduce themselves as Jimo-Chhayan, meaning they are the children of the sun and the moon

Deori's use to make a Narbali (human sacrifice) in terms to win the war, battle and to prevent the villagers from the evil atmosphere like floods, drought etc. This practice make them pure owing to satisfy the supreme Goddess. Only the class of Patorganya people were eligible for sacrificing.

The Deoris women have no tradition to put sindur in their forehead as a mark of married women.

Deoris belonging to the Tengaponia sub clan do not take mutton or flesh of goat as it is forbidden according a legend clan.

The term "Deori" appears to be a later coinage derived from "Deva" which means a God.

Deori is a plain tribe of Assam, the worshipper of Kundimama (Kundi - Siva, Mama - Parvati)from ancient time maintaining their own custom and tradition.

According to 2001 census the total revenue villages of Deori in Assam are 133 and their population are 2,45,000.