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Jyoti Deori

His Sports Profile:-
(1) He started learning Martial Arts at Lakhimpur around in 1979-80, It was his inspiration from the Great Bruce Lee & his brother  Amar sing Deori, When his Brother Amar came to Lakhimpur during his Holidays from Shillong He always teach kicking and punching and stretching Jyoti's leg, after that he joined formal karate school.   
He  was the first Karate Assam State Gold Medellist  Champion from Lakhimpur district in All Assam All Style Karate Championship at  Biswanath Chariali 1987,in the final he difited Assam Film star Pranjit Baruah brother of Actress Late Rimjhim Boruah (Wife of Actor Brojen Bora)  and he was National Champion in 1988 at Lonavla , Khandala, Maharasta, Black belt in 1988. He is the First Jimochayan official Black Belt by All India All style Karate Do Federation, Now recognized by Indian Olympic Association, under Sensei Parvez Mistry Who thougth Un arm combat to the Camandoo & Black Cat.

(2)At the same time he also played Sub Jr. & Jr. football in the State level in 1986 -87. 

(3) He along with Brother Amarsing together they Started Wing Chun Kungfu 1990      ( the Kungfu style learned by Bruce Lee during his childhood under Yip Man) , Amar da left for Singapore in 1992 for training Wingchun under Master Phillippe Chong, Amar da returned from Singapore and Jyoti together Started Wingchun Martial Arts Association India, Amar da  as Chief, He was the Associate Chief Instructor of the Wingchun Martial Arts Association of India, at present it has more then 10,000 (Ten Thousand ) registered playing and Non Playing member around the Nation.

(4) As invitation from World  Federation, USA, In 2006 he had appeared in the Referee Exam  in the World Championship at Singapore  and qualified as World Referee.

(5) In 2007 he had invited to Baltimore, Maryland State, USA, and  participate as a Referee  in the US Championship on the way he got the privilege to  meet  the World Chief Referee Sifu  Simpson at London.

(6) In 2009 he had got privilege to see the great fighting skill of world famous Mauy Thai (famous through film Oom Bak) in  Bengkok Thailand.    

(7) He was invited by world federation in the Forth coming World Championship at Genting, Malayasia in 15th -18th  Oct,2012.

Cultural Profiles:-

(1)The First Deori Cinema  was his dream & it was his brain Child,  he & Rajkumar Deori together directed and presented to all Jimachayan  the First Deori Film "Cheku Nuwanuma"  1997-98.

(2) After gape of eight year he was able to present the Deori 2nd Film "MIRASI" 2007 for all Deori People Jimachayan spending lakhs of my own. It was the first film including all technician ( Camera Man: Surjya Deori, Light:- Enineer, Jageswar,Debo Deori, Spot boy etc) are all Deori boy, which itself is a great challenge for me to guide them and I took the risk , and the Cinema & songs are Super hit till date.

(3) As he already committed to Deori people, he is also preparing to present the 3rd Film “EJIREE”. He had already completed two songs music, story and screen play by Rajendra Deori(Pincipal). Camera:- Surjya Deori, Light :- Engineer Deori, Media :- Saurav Deori.  

(4) He along with brother Amarsing Deori appeared as Fight Director in the Zubin Garg’s first Film “Tumi mur Mathu Mur”. He personally appeared in the few fighting  screens, I also sung a Deori Preload in a Song called “Gun Gun” in the film, He also sung and tune tuned together with  Zubin in many of his songs.

As a Writer:-
He had first started by writing in N. K Production Assamese Magazine called ‘MAYA” about sports. A few friends along with Pabitra Margherita  started the magazine and he is responsible for the Sports section of the magazine. The MAYA Magazine is still popular in Assam. Now adays Jyoti keep on writing in the various Magazine and Souveneer about the Deori people.


Receiving Award from Grand Master Huang Chieng Lieng & President World Kuoshu. At USA 2007


With World wide medal winners at Baltimore USA


With Spain& Chinese Kung-fu Master at Capitol House Washington DC,USA


With Spain team and a agitator  in front of  White House Washing DC,USA

At  Kaulalampur,  Malaysia.

Nepal , Kathmandu

With Young Mong,Bhutan.

In front of United Nation Building.



At twin tower ,Malaysia.


Statue of Liberty ,USA


Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Catch him at : jyotideori@yahoo.co.in

Facts of Deori

The Bor Deori is the most respected person in the village

Patorganya – undisclosed missing among Four Groups

Only the people of Dibongiya class can speak their own mother tongue

In 14th century A D. The Deoris were royal priests of The Chutiyas Kingdom

The Deoris are believed to have come to Sadiya before the first century

The Deori people believe in `Kundimama` which is the supreme power.

The Second Marriage in Deori Tribe is called "Suje Luguba"

The Deori Tribe of Assam came to India via Tibet and Burma

Each village of Deori people features a place of worship called ‘Deo-ghar'

The Deoris are divided into 24 clans.

The Deoris proudly introduce themselves as Jimo-Chhayan, meaning they are the children of the sun and the moon

Deori's use to make a Narbali (human sacrifice) in terms to win the war, battle and to prevent the villagers from the evil atmosphere like floods, drought etc. This practice make them pure owing to satisfy the supreme Goddess. Only the class of Patorganya people were eligible for sacrificing.

The Deoris women have no tradition to put sindur in their forehead as a mark of married women.

Deoris belonging to the Tengaponia sub clan do not take mutton or flesh of goat as it is forbidden according a legend clan.

The term "Deori" appears to be a later coinage derived from "Deva" which means a God.

Deori is a plain tribe of Assam, the worshipper of Kundimama (Kundi - Siva, Mama - Parvati)from ancient time maintaining their own custom and tradition.

According to 2001 census the total revenue villages of Deori in Assam are 133 and their population are 2,45,000.